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Karakurenai | Crimson

Karakurenai | Crimson

For any instrumentation or number of performers
5+ mins

Scores available in:

• C (Treble Clef, Non-Transposing Instruments)
• C (Bass Clef, Non-Transposing Instruments)
• Bb (for Bb Transposing Instruments)
• Eb (for Eb Transposing Instruments)
• Prepared Steel Pan (Scordatura: Poster Tack or Magnets)

Note: All scores sound in the same key, i.e. the first note of all scores sounds a B natural concert pitch

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Recordings, videos, and program notes

"Karakurenai" (Japanese for "foreign crimson") was originally written for solo prepared steel pan in June 2007 as part of the Synesthesia Suite; however, this piece can be performed on any combination of instruments and can include elements of improvisation if the performer desires.