Sculptures (2023)

The new album from Andy Akiho & the Omaha Symphony, inspired by the stunning artwork of Japanese sculptor and ceramicist Jun Kaneko. Nominated for three GRAMMYs, including Best Classical Composition, Best Classical Compendium, and Best Classical Instrumental Solo


Also by Andy Akiho

  • Oculus (2022)

    An immersive collaboration pairing music and photography inspired by ancient trees, with performances by Dover Quartet, Ian Rosenbaum, and Kristin Lee

  • Seven Pillars (2021)

    A genre-defying fusion of audio and video, featuring the incredible Sandbox Percussion; called a "lush, brooding celebration of noise" by the New York Times

  • The War Below (2018)

    A trailblazing compilation of two major works, 'Prospects of a Misplaced Year,' and 'Septet', featuring The Knights, Vicky Chow, Jenny Q Chai, Ian Rosenbaum, and Akiho on steel pan

  • NO one To kNOW one (2011)

    10 genre-bending compositions with steel pan at their core


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